With Books and Bricks: How Booker T. Washington Built a School

Ages 7-10



When Booker T. Washington arrived in Tuskegee Alabama to teach he found many eager students but no school. So Booker and his students decided to build their own school–brick by brick.
Afterword gives detailed information on how the school was built.’ Publisher
Author – Suzanne Slade
Illustrator – Nicole Tadgell
k 32 pages
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08118-4265-7,Papa Do You Love Me? by Barbara Joosse,Maasai boy receives assurances of his father’s love.,F,0,0,0,,/members/525439/uploaded/bookpixpapadoyouloveme.gif,/members/525439/uploaded/bookpixpapadoyouloveme.gif,,,,Set in East Africa amongst the Maasai people a young boy asks his father for reassurances of his love. No matter how many times and in how many different ways the child asks the father responds with concrete illustrations of his love. For example the child asks How long will you love me?” The father responds “I’ll love you as long as the wildebeest run on the mara the hippopotamus wallows in mud and the Serenget rolls to the sky.” This is a wonderful book for parents to read aloud to their children assuring them of their protection and security. Author – Barbara M. Joosse Illustrator – Barbara Lavallee. This author and illustrator have also produced the popular book “Mama Do You Love Me?” Ages 3-8.


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