Consultation with Parents – 12 sessions

Do you want more peace in your home and academic success for your children? The success of every student and the de-stressing of parents is our goal.  Meet our experienced consultant who has helped parents for over 25 years.



Personalized guidance to help you reach your parenting goals is available from a national educational consultant and experienced teacher.  These tested and proven effective strategies will ease your parenting stress and open a new and refreshing way to enjoy your children, improve academic performance, and have relaxing time for yourself.

Testimony “I’m so glad I met with the parenting consultant. I wish I knew sooner with my own children what I’m learning now with my grandchild.  Our home life is less chaotic, my granddaughter’s attitude has changed and I talk less – because I have learned how to set up a schedule for my grandchild that works!  There’s a new level of peace in the home.  I recommend these consultations to other parents.  Even my granddaughter’s  health has improved.  This is a holistic program taught in a simple way by the parenting consultant.” – Barbara P – Decatur, Alabama

“The success of every student and the de-stressing of parents is our goal” – jgb

First session – FREE – 15 minutes – Text (734) 716-0213 to arrange it.

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