Elementary Set of 62

This popular collection, hand-picked by an educator, is a well-rounded set of both historical and contemporary books that elementary children will love.

Seeing ethnically authentic illustrations and reading about African-Americans of past and present, plus modern day stories about children like them, will add value to the literary experience.

Get children excited about reading with this well-received set of books, especially selected for them.


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Complete set of both hardcover and paperback editions of “the best of the best”of ethnically accurate, educational and enjoyable reading for elementary aged children. These are “must haves” for every school library or classroom.

One elementary school in Philadelphia received for set for each elementary classroom.  We received a report that the children were thrilled as they quickly selected the books and read them – eager to read!

TESTIMONIALS – Repeat Customers

“Our organization regularly orders several sets to give away to public schools – we order enough sets so that each child in the school receives one book.  We LOVE these books.  I personally love the characters and illustrations in “Ruby and the Booker Boys” – my personal favorite.  The school children who received these books were estatic!” – Staci S. HP Foundations, Feb 2022

“Last year, we ordered three (3) sets of the Elementary Set of 62.  According to the principal, we loved them and the children loved them.  We have purchased two vending machines and put the books in the  machines.  Now we are ordering two (2) more sets. – Kelly D., Secretary, Prince Hall Elementary, Philadelphia, PA – January 2023


1 review for Elementary Set of 62

  1. Jacqueline Galloway

    “The books are phenomenal! They are in the classrooms already. The kids love them…can’t stop reading them.”

    Lisa G., Reading Intervention Teacher, Philadelphia, PA –
    December 2016

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