The Legend of the Christmas Tree

Ages 4-7

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A father’s prayer for his family to understand the deeper meaning of our Christmas celebrations becomes a reality during the search for a perfect Christmas tree. The family discovers the meaning behind one of their favorite Christmas traditions in The Legend of the Christmas Tree. (publisher) “On a visit to a tree lot the Johnson family sees three beautifully decorated trees standing in the center of the lot. A mysterious silver gift-wrapped box is under one of the trees. The old lot owner notices their intrigue and what he tells them not only marks the beginning of a new family tradition but also brings meaning and understanding into their Christmas celebration. In The Legend of the Christmas Tree children ages 4 to 8 will discover the wonderful story of how the evergreen tree first became a symbol of Christmas and a way to tell people about God. The beautiful illustrations by Bill Dodge add a wonderful richness to the story and help bring meaning to one of our best-loved traditions—decorating the Christmas tree.” (jacket description)

Ages 4-7 years
32 pages


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