Salt in His Shoes – Michael Jordan in Pursuit of a Dream – Hardcover

Children’s picture book – ages 5 & up



Michael Jordan’s mother tells a true story from her famous basketball superstar’s childhood. Would you believe Michael was worried about being too short to play the game. Mother said pray about it and I’ll put salt in your shoes and just wait you will grow.
A wonderful story of the power of a mother’s affirming words and trust in God to reassure a worried child. A large-sized colorful picture book for all ages.

“The mere mention of the name conjures up visions of basketball played at its absolute best. But as a child Michael almost gave up on his hoop dreams all because he feared he’d never grow tall enough to play the game that would one day make him famous. That’s when his mother and father stepped in and shared the invaluable lesson of what really goes into the making of a champion — patience determination and hard work.

Deloris Jordan mother of the basketball phenomenon teams up with his sister Roslyn to tell this heartwarming and inspirational story that only the members of the Jordan family could tell. It’s a tale about faith and hope and how any family working together can help a child make his or her dreams come true.” – publisher
Author – Deloris Jordan
Accelerated Reader – Reading Level – 3.6 32 pages
Ages 5-8


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