Lead from the Outside: How to Build Your Future and Make Real Change




Abrams’s own grit, coupled with her descriptions of much stumbling and self-doubt, will…touch you in a way few books by politicians can. — The New York Times

In a time when too many folks are focused simply on how to win an election, Stacey’s somebody who cares about something more important: why we should. That’s the kind of politics we should practice. That’s why I’m proud to give Stacey Abrams my support. President Barack Obama

National leader Stacey Abrams has written the guide to harnessing the strengths of being an outsider and succeeding anyway.
Leadership is hard. Convincing others–and yourself–that you are capable of taking charge and achieving more requires insight and courage. Lead from the Outside is the handbook for outsiders, written with an eye toward the challenges that hinder women, people of color, the working class, members of the LGBTQ community, and millennials ready to make change. Stacey uses her hard-won insights to break down how ambition, fear, money, and failure function in leadership, and she includes practical exercises to help you realize your own ambition and hone your skills. Lead from the Outside discusses candidly what Stacey has learned over the course of her impressive career in politics, business and the nonprofit world: that differences in race, gender, and class provide vital strength, which we can employ to rise to the top and create real and lasting change.

“Stacey Abrams is a deeply compassionate and thoughtful leader who is always committed to fighting for justice for the Georgians she serves…Throughout her career, I have watched her work tirelessly to build coalitions to protect the poor and middle class, fight voter suppression, and register hundreds of thousands of people to vote. Stacey Abrams is the only leader in the race who has the experience and an ambitious vision to uplift all families in our state. Georgia must seize the opportunity to be a model for our nation by electing this transformative leader, who strives to empower the people she will serve.”  Congressman John Lewis“Leaders like Stacey are the ones saying yes. America is changing, but there is no reason to fear the future.” Jason Kander, former Missouri Secretary of State and President of Let America Vote” – publisher

Table of Contents:


1. Dare to Want More

2. Fear and Otherness
3. Hacking and Owning Opportunity
4. The Myth of Mentors
5. Money Matters
6. Prepare to Win and Embrace the Fail
7. Making What You Have Work
8. Work-Life Jenga
9. Taking Power

256 pages


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