Poetry for Young People by Maya Angelou

Grades 6-8 – poems by Maya Angelou

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Award-winning poet author playwright historian songwriter singer dancer stage and screen producer director and civil rights activist: Dr. Maya Angelou needs no introduction. She is a true American icon–and now she is the first living poet included in Sterling’s celebrated Poetry for Young People” series.

Twenty-five of her finest poems capture a range of emotions and experiences from the playful “Harlem Hopscotch” to the prideful “Me and My Work” to the soul-stirring “Still I Rise.” While her writings deal with the historic struggles of African-Americans they all resonate with spiritual strength and hope for the future that everyone can relate to. A special inclusion in this volume is “A Brave and Startling Truth ” written to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the United Nations.

Award-winning artist Jerome Lagarrigue masterfully illustrates each verse with evocative stunning pictures. Dr. Edwin Graves Wilson the Provost Emeritus of Wake Forest University and a longtime colleague of Dr. Angelou has written the book’s introduction the introductions to the individual poems and the annotations.” (publisher)

48 pages
Reading Level- 6.5
Interest level – Grades 6-8
Target Age – 8 years and up


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