Inspired By…the Bible Experience – Entire Bible- TNIV – CD

Audiobook – New Testament



Audiobook – Today’s New International Version

“The 2007 Audiobook of the Year winner — the most prestigious award for excellence in audiobooks! This unique epic re-enactment of the full Bible on audio CD is fully-dramatized performed by a cast of more than 200 leading actors musicians personalities and clergy many of whom have won or been nominated for Oscar and Emmy awards such as Samuel Jackson Blair Underwood Angela Bassett and Cuba Gooding Jr. The entire script uses the accessible and most up-to-date Today’s New International Version (TNIV) Bible translation. Experience the Bible in a whole new way with Inspired By The Bible Experience.” (publisher)

Review Quotes:
“Wow. Featuring more than 80 black actors singers and ministers this production of the New Testament (Today’s New International Version) is a showstopper. In June it was named Audio Book of the Year the top award in the spoken-word community. But this audio offers more than words: There is music singing sound effects and dramatic acting throughout….” — USA TODAY

Commendation Quotes:
As a pastor and a student of the Bible I have spent most of my life reading it studying it and preaching from it. It is a never-ending surprise to me how I find more to learn and apply the more I read it. Recently I obtained a copy of The Bible Experience and to my amazement I found in it a way to experience the Bible that took my appreciation for it to another level. I highly commend The Bible Experience to everyone. You will discover how this incredible high quality word for word dramatic presentation of the Bible can take to new heights your appreciation for what the Word can do to change your life. — Dr. Robert Jeffress Senior Pastor”


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