The Crooked Christmas Tree – The Beautiful Meaning of Jesus’ Birth – Backorder

Deeply spiritual, exquisitely written – this book will shine the light of God’s love into the hearts of all who read it.– Wintley Phipps vocal artist, CEO, and founder of the U.S. Dream Academy


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“In this real-life Christmas fable when a Dad decides to let his kids select the family Christmas tree he gets an unexpected lesson about God’s love.

In this thoroughly contemporary holiday story a father lets his children choose the family Christmas tree. To his surprise the kids pick one that is crooked. As he tries one thing after another to make the tree look right he rediscovers the power of God’s love. He begins to understand Christmas in a new way particularly when his family decorates their tree and crown it with a star never even noticing the crookedness he spent hours in the garage struggling to hide.

The tender and laugh-out-loud narrative of real-life relationships propels the reader through the most un-generic Christmas story. This upbeat and comedic treasure refreshes the Christmas message of love and faith”. – Publisher

Author – Damian Chandler

144 pages


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