Dave the Potter: Artist Poet Slave

South Carolina slave becomes an extraordinary artist. Ages 5-8



A National Book Award finalist teams up with an award-winning illustrator to present a beautiful and inspiring biography of a slave who lived in South Carolina in the 1800s and his extraordinary talent for pottery.(publisher)

To us
it is just dirt
the ground we walk on…
But to Dave
it was clay
the plain and basic stuff
upon which he formed a life
as a slave nearly 200 years ago.

Dave was an extraordinary artist poet and potter living in South Carolina in the 1800s. He combined his superb artistry with deeply observant poetry carved onto his pots transcending the limitations he faced as a slave.
In this inspiring and lyrical portrayal National Book Award nominee Laban Carrick Hill’s elegantly simple text and award-winning artist Bryan Collier’s resplendent earth-toned illustrations tell Dave’s story a story rich in history hope and long-lasting beauty.
Full color
40 pages Reading Level: 6.0 Ages 5-8<


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