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In Tuskegee’s Heroes” learn about the men who fought Japanese soldiers in the Tuskegee experiment with rare photographs paintings and firsthand accounts. Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor drew the United States into history’s most violent war and America’s young black men yearned for a chance to fight for their country.

With the Tuskegee Experiment the opportunity to serve their country?and to fly for their nation?became reality. Although the experiment was meant to fail the Tuskegee Airmen seized the opportunity and proved once and for all that African American soldiers could fly Mustangs; the pilots of the 332nd Fighter Group never lost an escorted bomber to enemy fighters! For a true historical account of Tuskegee’s Heroes look no further than “Tuskegee’s Heroes.” The beautiful renditions and firsthand accounts capture more than the simple story the book dives into the deep emotional combat that was the Tuskegee Experiment.

Artist Roy La Grone a Tuskegee Airman of World War II devoted much of his career to the United States Air Force Art program. It was his personal mission to capture on canvas the bravery of his comrades. The unique story of the Tuskegee’s Airmen is told through firsthand accounts from the pilots more than 100 rare historical photographs and Roy La Grone’s outstanding paintings.
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