Noah’s Ark Play Set

Learn through play with this Noah’s Ark toy – 17 pieces for creative interaction by little hands, ages 3+                                       Also includes a mini-storybook.



“Children bring the story of Noah’s Ark to life with this charming play set. The complete collection features a mini storybook describing the story of Noah’s and the Ark and 16 toy pieces ideal for little hands to play and learn.

The story of Noah’s Ark: God saved Noah and his family from a great flood by giving him a very special assignment! He told Noah to build a BIG ark, on this ark he must make room for 2 of every kind of creature, one male and one female. (Genesis 6 9) Children can make this story come to life with our interactive Noah’s Ark play set. It features everything you need to help your child learn about this fascinating Tale of Glory. Set includes Noah, 14 animals and ark.” – publisher

Ages 3+

Small pieces – not suitable for children under the age of 3.


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