Logan Family Set of 10 by Mildred Taylor

Logan family set of 10 by Mildred Taylor. Mildred DeLois Taylor (born September 13, 1943) is an African-American writer known for her works exploring the struggle faced by African-American families in the Deep South.

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This set includes:

1. Roll of Thunder….
2. All the Days Past, All Days
3. Gold Cadillac
4. The Friendship
5. Road to Memphis
6. The Well
7. The Land
8. Mississippi Bridge
9. Song of the Trees
10. Let the Circle be Unbroken – It is a frightening and turbulent time for the Logan family. First, their friend T.J. must go on trial for murder–and confront an all-white jury. Then, Cousin Suzella tries to pass for white, with humiliating consequences. And when Cassie’s neighbor, Mrs. Lee Annie, stands up for her right to vote, she and her family are driven from their home. Other neighbors are destroyed and shattered by the greed of landowners. But through it all, Cassie and the Logans stand together and stand proud–proving that courage, love, and understanding can defy even the deepest prejudice.


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