Keys to Optimal Mental Health

“Magna Parks-Porterfield, PhD, earned her doctorate degree in counseling psychology from The Ohio State University. She has experience working in private practice and on the college/university level.

Dr. Parks-Porterfield shares her principles of mental health based on science and inspired writings like the Bible through personal counseling and seminars. She speaks on these topics throughout the United States and beyond and has shared her message on various radio and television programs. She is also an author who has written books and articles on mental health, including the book Treating Depression Naturally.”- Publisher




“Many people search for the secret to mental well-being. What if the answer is closer than you think?

Psychologist Magna Parks-Porterfield, PhD, gives you eight steps to maintaining positive well-being in her book Keys to Optimal Mental Health. From changing your lifestyle to learning how to grow from adversity, she lays out a plan to help you overcome depression and anxiety.

Not only for those with diagnosed mental illnesses, this book serves as a guide for anyone looking for peace of mind. Dr. Parks-Porterfield backs up her scientific-based research with principles coming from what she considers the first guide to better living-the Bible. These principles challenge you to have joy in your ability to overcome your difficulties-and to have the power to do so.

Each chapter features practical tips to help you focus on her key points. The steps she outlines take effort, but through her meticulous research, Dr. Parks-Porterfield offers the inspiration you need to carry through and find the peace you desire.

Discover the true source for achieving wellness and for living better emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.” – publisher


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