Jaha & Jamil: An African Mother Goose

Mother Goose rhymes retold in African culture.


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Originally published: 1994.; This is an African Mother Goose using a terrific concept of altering the lyrics of 48 familiar and well known children’s poems to give an African take on classic nursery rhymes.

Hey diddle diddle Cricket did fiddle
While Firefly mimicked the moon.
Wildebeest rumbled
While Wild Dog grumbled and Lion chased after Baboon.
Introducing Mother Goose as you’ve never seen her before! This unique look at Africa preserves all the charm of the original
Mother Goose favorites while weaving a modern treasury of rhyme. Tantalizing color illustrations and patterned borders
reveal the splendors of Africa’s countries. A helpful map of Africa is included. JAHA AND JAMIL is sure to become a beloved


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