Common Core Kindergarten 22-Book Set

Early Learning Curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards



The selected titles in this 22-book early learning collection provide students with an opportunity to gain adequate exposure to a range of appropriately complex texts and are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
Titles include: Sing A Numbers Song (Math); Do You See a Shape? (Math); Delicious and Nutritious (Science); Into Space (Science); If I Were a Tree (Science); I See Colors (Science); I Can Be Anything (Social Studies); On the Go (Social Studies); American Through and Through (Social Studies); A Nap (Phonics); Wet Pet (Phonics); Hit It! (Phonics); Mop Hop (Phonics); Hug a Bug (Phonics); Games Are Fun (Math); Around Home (Math); After School (Math); Wild Animals (Math Science); The Toy Store (Math); At the Pond (Math Science); Fun in the Sun (Math); and The Snack Shop (Math).


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