CD & Book – No Mirrors In My Nana’s House – CD Included! – Paperback

Young girl is validated by a mother’s love despite living in a run-down neighborhood. Book and musical CD by Ysaye Barnwell a member of “Sweet Honey In The Rock”

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A child doesn’t notice the cracks in the wall and the evidence of poverty all around because of the love she sees in her mother’s eyes. With no mirrors to define who she is the child is validated by a mother’s love. Aren’t most of us a little too materialistic too much controlled by the externals the clothes we wear cars we drive?

Don’t we need a reminder that it’s the kind of person you are inside the character and love that you possess that is most valuable and not just the reflection in a mirror? This book sends a very important message with a musical CD to further impress the point.
Ages 6 and up.

The publisher elaborates “a little girl discovers the beauty in herself–and the beauty of the world around her–not by looking in the mirror but by looking in her Nana’s eyes. Glorious bright pictures by Synthia Saint James show us how to see the beauty and the accompanying CD of Sweet Honey In The Rock singing the song lets us know how to hear it.Ysaye M. Barnwell–a member of the popular a capella quintet of African American women Sweet Honey In The Rock–wrote the music as well as the lyrics for the song. This breathtaking hardcover picture book and CD will inspire children and adults alike.”
Reading level: 2.7
Ages 5 & up


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