All The Yummy Foods: A Children’s Healthy Eating Adventure

“All the Yummy Foods is (in my humble opinion) one of THE BEST books for getting children more educated, excited, and curious about healthy eating and nutrition. It’s the type of book that I would have LOVED to read as a little girl and I’m so honored by the positive reviews that are now coming in for All The Yummy Foods because a lot of time, effort, and LOVE went into creating this book for children and parents!” – publisher & author Dr. Phoenyx Austin



Make healthy eating FUN with All The Yummy Foods!

Join Phoenyx, star of the bestselling book, Love Your Hair, as she takes you on a healthy eating adventure filled with catchy rhymes and hilarious scenes that will have youngsters laughing out loud and craving healthy foods of their own!

All The Yummy Foods is fun, full of imagination, and helps promote healthy eating, healthy food appreciation, and basic nutrition in a way that’s very practical and engaging.

All The Yummy Foods is a book for young children to learn, in simple terms, how important and FUN it can be to incorporate fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods into their diet. A bright and colorful book that will keep your children engaged and that kids will enjoy reading over and over again!

Book Highlights:

★ Positive, Educational and Fun

★ Encourages Kids to Incorporate Healthy Fruits and Veggies into their Diet

★ Makes a Great Gift for Any Girl or Boy

★ Contains 32 beautiful illustrations

★ Large size book (8.5 x 11 inches)

** Written by Dr. Phoenyx Austin MD, Nutrition and Wellness Beauty Expert


42 pages

Ages 4-8


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