Adventures of the STEM Brothers

Real life story – Ages 8-12

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Three African American brothers that grew up in the segregated southern United States overcome unimaginable challenges and pursue Science Technology Engineering and Mathematic careers. Johnny Vernon and Thurman prove that STEM careers can change your family and the world.

Johnny Vernon and Thurman grew up in the segregated south. Despite challenges they faced they each had a love for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics and sports. Their individual careers were successful but not easy. Overcoming obstacles and studying hard made a difference in their lives and created a family legacy. Johnny became a statistician after graduating with a degree in mathematics. Thurman earned a degree in aerospace engineering and worked in Research and Development. Vernon earned a degree in mathematics and became a software engineer. This real life story is about their lives and the challenges they faced in following their dreams and the subjects they loved. This picture book defines goal setting resilience and self perseverance for young readers. – publisher
38 pages
Ages 8-12


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