Do you need guidance in how best to direct and manage your child? Are your tired of saying the same thing over and over to your child? Are you stressed out and tired? Do you want your home to run more smoothly with your children? There is HELP FOR YOU! Call today – help is just a telephone call away.

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There is two billion dollars worth of scholarship money available in America and 1.7 billion dollars goes UNclaimed. That means there is lots of money left for you. We have assisted students to receive full four-year academic scholarships as well as smaller amounts. If you are willing to do the homework, give us a call and start applying for the money for your educational needs.

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Answer as many questions as you can. Your answers help to tailor a FREE session tailored to your assets.  The free session will equip you with lots of information to search and complete the scholarship application process.

There are scholarships for everyone! So please share your early years, location, interests, hobbies, academic accomplishments, travels and more which can be assets to positively impact the scholarship application process. Plus, there may be scholarships available from your parents’ workplace or alma mater.

Initial consultation – FREE

Thereafter – $75/session up to 1 hour


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Need help getting started? Our experienced educator – with over 20 years of homeschooling practice/consulting – will guide you step by step via telephone sessions. Then once you are established you can call back for daily, weekly, monthly or as needed consulting help. 

First session – FREE

Fee: $75/up to 1 hour or Save with $480/10 sessions.

Prepay online with a credit card.

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Is your child struggling academically? Is the teacher recommending special education services – hyperactivity, referrals, learning disabilities? Do you feel he can do better? Are you wondering how to choose a school or if he’s in the wrong grade? Did you find that kindergarten is now first grade – the expectations are so high? Does your son still have a lot of “play” in him?

Or are you concerned about college prep – is he taking the right classes? What programs are available to assist him in ACT/SAT prep? What to do about unfair treatment?

If you need guidance in any schooling matters, call (734) 252-9010.  We are here to advocate for you.

The success of every student and the de-stressing of every parent is our goal!

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