Do you need guidance in how best to direct and manage your child? Are your tired of saying the same thing over and over to your child? Are you stressed out and tired? Do you want your home to run more smoothly with your children? There is HELP FOR YOU! Call today – help is just a telephone call away.

Testimony from a parent

“Thank you….it’s been just four weeks since working with you and putting my children on the schedule you helped me to develop. It sure relieves a load. I don’t have to talk to them all the time. I don’t have to come home and say “don’t you see the carpet needs vacuuming……don’t you see the dishes in the sink?” “Now its none of that. They have a schedule. If their work is not done by a certain time, they lose privileges. It took a little while, but now my girls are enjoying the schedule. Now I see it’s so important to have a structured environment from a young age.My sons took a while longer. Today, for the first time, my son followed the schedule. Last night I took away his “Play Station” because he did not follow the schedule. Today, he followed it. He’s excited because he has earned a privilege. Now he and the girls are following the schedule. I came home, today, and the house was bright and clean. Even the five year old does her chores…..they all dust, vacuum, set table, clear table, clean bathrooms, etc…..and today the girls want to help cook. Thank you, thank you for the life coach parenting sessions. It has made a big difference in our home life.” – Barbara.P. – Decatur, Alabama