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ON SALE NOW! Elementary Set of 62 

Caring Educators Celebrate African-American Books for all Children

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This is a well-rounded collection 

Both hardcover and paperback plus both historical and contemporary editions of popular and enlightening stories about people of color round out this collection of books children will love to read.

Start your school off on the right foot with top-quality African-American literature. Consider a set for each classroom or for a homeschool.

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Reasons To Purchase This Set

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ON SALE – save $$$ by ordering the

“The books are phenomenal! They are in the classrooms already.
The kids love them…can’t stop reading them.”
-Lisa G., Reading Intervention Teacher, Philadelphia, PA  .

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“We have perused the book catalogs for you, so it’s easy – order with a click.”

Quality Selection
“We have selected the “cream of the crop.”

Culturally Relevant
“Children love seeing pictures that reflect their identity.”

Multicultural Enrichment
“Learning about others is important.”

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